The most important steps to reducing fire risk in our community include:

  • Educating yourself about the actions you can take to make your property and neighborhood fire safe.
  • Taking steps to reduce that risk.
  • Improving the chances that your street and property can be located.
  • Ensuring that emergency vehicles can easily locate and reach your property.
  • Getting your neighborhood/street educated, organized, and prepared.


Firewise Tam Valley can assist with accomplishing these actions. Its goals are to educate the residents and to reduce the risk of wildfire. You can help by:

  • Becoming an active member of the group and participating on one of the committees.
  • Providing documentation about any fire risk mitigation work on your property or in your neighborhood. (Doing this will help maintain the status of Tam Valley as a Firewise community and, in the future, help justify and support applications for grant assistance).


Documenting fire risk mitigation: The documentation should include the following 5 pieces of information:

(1)   Identification of the work location

(2)   A brief (one or two sentence) work description

(3)   Identification of the contractor or person doing the work

(4)   Date(s) work was performed

(5)   Cost of the work and/or your personal hours-spent.

To provide that information use the form on the TCSD website (Fire Risk Mitigation Form). You can also send an email message with that information or any questions, to (redacted)


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