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CupKAYke War

Making cupcakes, buying cupcakes, voting on cupcakes!!

WHO? YOU! Making cupcakes, buying cupcakes, voting on cupcakes.

WHAT? A fundraiser for Kay Park play equipment
WHERE? Creekside Friday
WHEN? July 27th
OUR GOAL? $1000 or more for Kay Park in one night!

WE NEED: Everyone to buy cupcakes, at $3 a piece, and vote for your favorites!


Simple – PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS! Spend a little more on your favorite cupcakes or just plain stuff the ballot box


The baker whose cupcake raises the most money will win the coveted Fan Favorite Golden Whisk Award.

Awards will also be given for Most Delicious, Most Beautiful, and Most Creative.

Remind us why we’re doing this?

The 17-year-old wooden play structure at Kay Park is in need of replacement. Measure A funds will cover $75,000, but total cost of new equipment, installation, and resurfacing is expected to cost $125,000. In 2001, when the Tam Valley community found itself in a similar situation, they raised enough to bridge the gap. We’re asking you to do it again. All monies raised will go straight to the 50Kay fund.

View our flyer here