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Many times, tree roots, grease build up, or other materials can cause blockage of private lateral lines. It is important to make sure your lines are clear so these blockages do not cause a backup of sewage into your home.

Graphic depiction of in-flo and infiltration to sewer system

If you are experiencing a sewer backup into your home - immediately contact a plumber of your choice.

You can also take preventative measures to keep your sewer line clear:

  • COOKING GREASE - Never pour cooking grease down the kitchen sink where it will solidify and build up over time. Contact TCSD at (415) 388-6393 for one of our free Grease Collection Kits, or bring your cooking oil/grease to the district office for disposal.
  • SWIFFER/CLEANING WIPES - These household and personal wipes should never be flushed down the toilet. They do not break down in the sewer transport system and are one of the biggest causes of sewer lateral blockages, which can lead to in-home backups.
  • CLOTHING - Make sure to check your washer to confirm that you have all the proper screens in place so clothing is not being sucked out with the water flows. Never flush clothing down the toilet.

If you see liquid or material coming up from a manhole, contact TCSD at (415) 388-6393.