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Chipper Day Events are Coming to Tam Valley in 2020!

Workmen using wood chipping machine

TCSD, along with Southern Marin Fire District, will be conducting chipper events this spring. These events are funded by TCSD, SMFD and a grant awarded to TCSD from the US Forest Service via the California Fire Safe Council.

The chipper service will be available to specific areas within TCSD's district on specific dates (see map here). The dates (with the link to more detail) are:

-          June 01 (basically residents on Marin Avenue, on streets south of Marin Avenue, and streets between Marin Avenue and Shoreline Hwy. - click here for more detail

-          June 08 (basically residents in Marinview and on streets north of Shoreline Hwy.) - click here for more detail

-          June 15 (basically residents on Northern Avenue, Erica Road, Chamberlain Court, West California, Loring, Alta and their side streets) - click here for more detail

You can search the TCSD Web site doing a search: ues your street name plus "chip".

Residents in each area will receive a postcard about 2 weeks before the event on their street with specific information about the event, including guidelines regarding acceptable materials. Residents are asked to put the material to be chipped on the roadside by end-of-day on Sunday prior to their chipping day. If you have any questions, please contact TCSD at 415-388-6393.


•        Cut the brush and bring it to the side of the street. This service will chip that material, then remove & compost it. You can organize your neighbors to clean-up those non-private areas close to your home.

•        Maximum material permitted from each property for chipping is 10 cubic yards (approximately 5-feet high by 5-feet wide by 10-feet long). The intent of this program is to serve smaller clearing projects and not as a substitute for larger tree removal or clearing work. NOTE: if you have more than 10 cubic yards of green material or are organizing a neighborhood project, special arrangements may be possible; please call the TCSD office to discuss at 415-388-6393.

•        Brush and limbs should be stacked loosely at the roadside with cut ends facing towards the road. Limbs should be a maximum of 6 inches in diameter. Do not cut long branches. Do not trim bushy limbs.

•        The roadway must be kept clear at all times and the material site must be accessible to the chipper.

•        Neighbors can combine efforts and share a location. Please alert TCSD at 415-388-6393.

***The following material will not be accepted: grass, raked duff, pine needles, bamboo, palm fronds, vines (blackberry, poison oak, etc.), dirt, rocks or plastic debris bags. Your material will not be collected if any of these items are present***


Staying in compliance with California PRC 4291 is required.

Fire safety, for your property and neighborhood, means keeping an area around your structures free of debris and properly managing vegetation, improving the chances your house will survive a wildland fire.

What’s defensible space?

1. Immediate (Home) Zone: First 5 feet: remove all combustible material.

2. Intermediate Zone: Next 25 feet immediately surrounding structures: reduce flammable vegetation.

3. Extended Zone: Next 70 feet or up to property line: clearing is dependent on slope and vegetation.

           See for detailed & up-to-date information.