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Choose Sustainable Consumption Over Wasteful Consumerism!

Logo for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot

In March 2021, Environmental Forum of Marin hosted a webinar focusing on how we handle waste in Marin and how we can adjust our lifestyles to avoid generating so much waste in the first place. TCSD is proud to have sponsored the event, which was a learning experience for all.  

Kimberly Scheibly, an independent consultant helping waste industry companies, led a fact-filled dumpster dive. Having learned the sobering truth: recycling and composting are the last resort, after waste prevention (refusing to take wasteful items) and after reuse. 

Once we crawled out of that dumpster and faced the facts, it was time for fun. Lily Cameron, owner of the Wild Minimalist and author “Simply Sustainable,” talked about her own family’s journey to a zero-waste lifestyle. She offered advice on stopping waste before it starts, providing us with a vision of a reduced-clutter life that could also reduce the burden on the environment. Gradual intentional steps are key to leading a low waste lifestyle.

Waste prevention and reuse are better than “wishcycling”. For additional info and resources head over to the Californians Against Waste website