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Debris Bin

May contain: tin, trash can, and can
Picture of TCSD debris bin

Should you find that you have more trash or green waste than your brown or green carts will hold, TCSD rents 1.5 cubic yard bins on a weekly basis. There is also an option to do a Dump & Leave for which we will empty the bin and leave it. No rocks, dirt, concrete, construction materials, paint or hazardous waste are permitted in the bins. 

  • Garbage bin: Rental cost is $80 for the first week and $50 for every Dump & Leave. 
  • Green bin: Rental cost is $65 for the first week and $40 for every Dump & Leave. 

Please be aware that there are addresses in Tam Valley to which our district refuse trucks cannot deliver bins. Call the office to find out if we can get a bin to your address.


For larger projects like construction/demolition, please contact Mill Valley Refuse (415) 457-9760, Grange Debris Box & Wrecking (415) 456-2712 or Bay Cities Refuse (415) 332-3646.