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Debris Bin

May contain: tin, trash can, and can

Should you find that you have more trash or green waste than your brown or green carts will hold, TCSD rents 1.5 cubic yard bins on a weekly basis. There is also an option to do a Dump & Leave for which we will empty the bin and leave it. No rocks, dirt, concrete, construction materials, paint or hazardous waste are permitted in the bins. 

  • Garbage bin: Rental cost is $70 for the first week and $40 for every Dump & Leave. 
  • Green bin: Rental cost is $55 for the first week and $30 for every Dump & Leave. 

Please be aware that there are addresses in Tam Valley to which our district refuse trucks cannot deliver bins. Call the office to find out if we can get a bin to your address.


For larger projects like construction/demolition, please contact Mill Valley Refuse (415) 457-9760, Grange Debris Box & Wrecking (415) 456-2712 or Bay Cities Refuse (415) 332-3646.