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Grease Collection

Picture of grease clogged sewer pipe.
Picture of grease clogged sewer pipe.

One of the most difficult challenges in sanitary sewer collection is grease that is poured down household drains from cooking and other uses. The warm or hot grease flows until it meets cold water in the pipes and then settles to the bottom of the pipe. If this process occurs repeatedly, the inside of the pipe can become clogged as it fills more and more with grease.

TCSD's sewer crews routinely pressure wash pipes to push grease deposits further down the sewer lines. On occasion, a sewer line will backup into a home due to this build up and an overflow can occur. To help alleviate this problem, the TCSD Board agreed to provide grease collection bags to residents at no charge. Simply pour the hot cooking grease/oil into the bag and, once the bag is full, dispose of it in your regular garbage cart. If you would like one of these grease bags, contact our office at (415) 388-6393 or come by 305 Bell Lane.

In addition, TCSD offers household grease disposal at the district office. The grease or oil must be liquid (please melt it to liquid form before you bring it in). You will need to fill out a simple form to fulfill State of California requirements.