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Happy Zero Waste Holidays!

May contain: leaf and plant

Holiday get-togethers? Yes, please! It’s been a while since many of us have gathered around the table, so maybe a little refresher on preventing food waste while having a great time is in order. By planning ahead, making a list, sharing leftovers and storing smart, now’s the time to get in the Zero Waste Holiday mood. For instance:

  • Be a supermarket super star! Planning meals and buying just what you need is the best way to prevent food waste.
  • Collect food scraps as you go! Leave a Zero Waste Marin compost pail or small bowl on the counter as you chop. Don’t want to run out to your green cart? Throw it in the freezer until you’re ready.
  • Gift your guests! After the revels, be ready to share those leftovers so that your fridge isn’t crammed and nothing goes to waste.

For more tips, check out Zero Waste Marin’s Food Waste Prevention page: