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Jeff Brown, Board Director

Jeff Brown has been a TCSD Director since 2010 and served as Board President from 2013 through 2016. He is a Tam Valley resident since 1998 (and married to a native of Mill Valley). Active in many aspects of Tam Valley life, you will see Jeff behind the scenes at most TCSD events. Jeff brings a vast amount of experience in event planning and facility management to the Board. He also served on the Park and Recreation Commission for several years and is well-known for the Halloween decorations at his home on Jean Street. 

Jeff marvels at the amazing sense of community here in Tamalpais Valley. Whether enjoying a packed house at the Tam Valley Community Center or monitoring our ever-improving recycling efforts, Jeff takes great pride in the work of the TCSD. Jeff was re-elected in 2018 for a four year term.

Jeff can be reached via email at (redacted).