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Open Call for Bids for TCSD Phase B CIP

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TCSD has an open call for bids from qualified contractors to bid on TCSD Sewer Improvement Project - Phase B. Bids are due March 4 at 2pm. For full details see:

 The work includes the furnishing of all labor, materials and equipment for the construction of the sewer rehabilitation project, including internal televising of sewer mains, excavation, sliplining, pipeburst and open cut pipe rehabilitation, alternative work my include open cut excavation, manhole installation, pipe replacement, pipe grouting, spot repairs, and additional CCTV, and the reconnection of sewer laterals, legal disposal of asbestos cement pipe, paving and surface restoration, backfill, together with all appurtenances, connections and testing, for the completed and operational project as shown on the Plans and as specified to be constructed in Tamalpais Community Services District.

Engineers Estimate: $1.7M

20210222_PlanholdersList_TCSD SIP Phase B.pdf