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Opening with the State

Graphic showing OPEN sign.

With the State of California re-opening on June 15, 2021, TCSD is busy cleaning the Tam Valley Community Center and The Cabin for upcoming rentals. Guidelines for everyone whether fully vaccinated or not, you are now required to wear masks indoors. Renters will be responsible for ensuring their guests follow any remaining guidelines.


As we welcome residents back to the TCSD office, there are a few Covid changes that will remain. The district’s yard at 305 Bell Lane is a fully functioning industrial yard with large trucks coming and going, a forklift moving items about and possible trip and slip hazards. Keeping the safety of residents in mind, our yard gates will remain closed during business hours. Appointments will continue for electronics, Rx, battery, toner, florescent bulbs and cooking oil drop off. However, should you drop by the office you will be accommodated as soon as is possible. If there is an appointment scheduled, you will be asked to wait until the appointment has been accommodated. Normally less than 15 minutes. We are excited to be renting our parks and facilities again and welcoming residents back to the office.

Picture showing TCSD trucks in the yard.
TCSD Trucks