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Rock on at the Flamingo Park Rock Garden

May contain: pebble
Pictures of  Painted Rocks


 During the pandemic, TCSD offered different ways to engage the community with safe, self-distanced, and independent projects such as the Parks for Pollinators BioBlitz in September, the fall and winter competition events, and various Instagram photo challenges. 

We are happy to bring you the next community engagement project, The Flamingo Park Rock Garden! TCSD is looking to its greatest resource, its volunteers, to contribute to the rock garden’s development and help us “rock it out”.

The painted rocks are proudly exhibited in the designated wood-chipped circles along the fence. Our goal is to eventually expand the rock garden and develop it into a colorful and frequented location for our community. All residents are encouraged to contribute painted rocks for this fun community garden.

The Flamingo Park Rock Garden was launched on March 1st, and residents are encouraged to visit and contribute rocks as they wish. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Please contribute any amount of painted rocks and designs you wish 
  • Do not move rocks already placed or remove rocks from the space
  • Place rocks in the designated ‘rock garden’ area only
  • Do not place rocks on the flood wall (that section is not TCSD owned property)
  • Inappropriate rocks will be removed by staff

More information can be found at: If you have questions, please reach out to Camille at