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Service Guide and Posters


Curious about what is recyclable or compostable?

It can be a hard task deciding which cart to use when disposing of items. Our everyday decision can either send the item to the right recycling center or contaminate the whole recycling stream and seal its fate in the landfill. With the ever-changing dynamics of the recycling industry and changing policies at the state, local and international levels, we’re here to help make recycling and organics recycling easier for you! 

Service Guide
Picture of 2 garbage trucks

We hope this detailed guide below helps you, help us...

TCSD Service Guide 2019.pdf


Here is a quick visual guide for reference. 

Trash Cart Sticker
Example of trash sticker
Compostables Sticker
Example of compostable sticker
Recyclables Sticker
Example of recyclable sticker

Download PDF version from below:

Trash Cart - TCSDOrganics Recycling Cart - TCSDRecycling Cart - TCSD


Additional Resources 

Check out Zero Waste Marin for more available resourcse,