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Services and Rates

Starting Service: Call our office to start service at your property (residential or commercial). You will be asked to confirm that you have three carts, 1 brown/black (garbage), 1 green (organics) and 1 gray/blue (recycling). For more information on the carts and the pick up days, please check here.

Stopping Service: If you are moving out, leave the carts at the property and call our office to stop service.

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Billing: TCSD bills for Solid Waste Collection service through the owner's property taxes; we do not send monthly bills. Charges will appear on the tax bill as "Refuse Service Charges". At the time of sale of property, the billing will roll over to the new owner through escrow.

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Any additional pick-up services will be paid before service is scheduled. Please contact our office at 415.388.6393.  See Additional Services page for more information.