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Graphic showing sewer rate schedule from FY21-22 - FY25-26
Sewer Rate Schedules for FY 21-22 through FY 25-26



  • DU/EDU: dwelling unit / equivalent dwelling unit
  • CCF: centum cubic feet (100 cubic feet of lowing water)
  • Winter Water Usage: sum of 4 months of CCFs from December - March (see your MMWD bill)
Resolution 2021-01 Sewer Rates

To calculate your usage charge take your Winter water useage from your MMWD bill and multiply by the usage charge listed above. 

To calculate total annual bill, take the base sewer system charge for each dwelling unit and add that to the dwelling unit's usage charge.

If you have further questions about your account, please contact the district office (415) 388-6393.