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Tam Valley Firewise


The most important steps you can take to reducing fire risk in our community include:

  • Understaning what you can do to make your home, property and neighborhood fire safe; for example, learning about appropriate landscape management and home hardening.
  • Taking those steps to actually reduce fire hazards.
  • Making it easy to locate your street and, or course, your property.
  • Making sure that emergency vehicles can easily reach your property.
  • Involving your neighborhood/street to be educated, organized, and prepared.

To coordinate activities in the community, Tam Valley Firewise (aka Firewise Tam Valley) is a group of volunteers created with the objective to reduce the threat of wildfire in our community. Among the goals to achieve this are providing assistance to accomplish the steps listed above, educating residents, working with local agencies to address community-wide concerns, applying for grants for vegetation removal and risk assessment, and organizing residents in neighborhoods.

You can help by:

  • Joining and becoming an active member of the group and participating on one of the committees (simply send an email messge to:
  • Organizing your neighbors to develop coordinated responses to common threats
  • Submitting documentation about any activity intended to reduce the threat of wildfire.
    Tam Valley Firewise needs such information to maintain its status as a Firewise community and to help justify and support grant applications for assistance (many grants require matching efforts - time and expenditures - by the community members).
    See the following for submission instructions.

How to submit documentation regarding fire risk mitigation actions:
The documentation should include the following 5 pieces of information:

(1)   Identification of the work location

(2)   A brief (one or two sentence) work description

(3)   Identification of the contractor or person doing the work

(4)   Date(s) work was performed

(5)   Cost of the work and/or your personal hours-spent on the project.
     If applicable, please provide a copy of an invoice stamped PAID or a canceled check

To provide that information use the interactive or paper form on the TCSD website (via the following link: Vegetation Removal Form). If desired, you can send an email message with that information, or any questions, to

If you have volunteered your time in support of the TCSD Firewise Grant (during the period from January 2019  to January 2021) and want to document that time, please use the form on this web page.


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