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Tam Valley Senior Program Expands During Covid Shut Down

Jack with his senior bingo program supplies!
Jack with his seniors program supplies!

About 3 weeks after the Covid-19 pandemic required in-person activities to shut down, Jack Schwartz, our seniors program manager, thought it would be fun and constructive to continue the seniors bingo program virtually, and he set about making that happen. 

He chose conference calling to continue the seniors’ program because everyone has a phone, but many are without computers and many more are high-tech challenged.  Using this low-tech medium, Jack started virtual bingo with the district’s 7 to 10 regular senior bingo players.  From this humble start, the group, which now meets twice each week, has grown their numbers to 14 to 20 people each event day!

Here are the current statistics: 

They have now played a total of 42 days (and counting) — 

They have currently played a total of 306 games (and counting)

Their schedule is Wednesday and Sunday — starting at noon and playing for about an hour.

Not only are the bingo games fun, but everyone has the opportunity to share the ups and downs of living a rather shut-in life.  If you’d like to participate, give Jack a call at 415-385-7208 and he’ll give you a short tutorial about how the game works.  Jack will also get your address and mail bingo cards to your residence.

Once you receive your bingo cards, call the Bingo Event Number, 415-805-2347 — call a few minutes before noon on Wednesdays and Sundays and PLAY BINGO WITH FRIENDS!!  Each event day you will chat a little —joke a little —catch-up a little and play between 7 and 10 bingo games over the one hour timeframe.