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Tam Valley Seniors/Bingo

14-Plus Months of Fun and Community

After the pandemic struck, the Tam Valley Seniors were no longer able to meet in person each Wednesday.  Instead, the Tamalpais Community Services District (TCSD) authorized Bingo Leader Jack to start a remote Bingo program. Jack, who is materially assisted by Jon Snyder, who affably calls roll and keeps the game statistics, took the bull by the horns and started remote Bingo games which started something more…community!

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The Bingo program features Wednesday and Sunday phone-call “meetings” at NOON. Starting more than 14-months ago, this twice weekly program has flourished, providing a welcomed outlet for participating seniors!  Jack tells TCSD “We’ve now played close to 140 sessions and more than 1,000 games of bingo!”

Membership is largely from Tam Valley and Mill Valley – but there are also players from Petaluma, San Diego, Boston, Colorado, Los Angeles and beyond! Best of all – there are 12-25 players who have remained with the group – a group that checks in on each other and makes sure that spirits are up! 

For close to 15-months, the Tam Valley Seniors have met with joy and good will ~~ we will continue to “meet” by phone in the foreseeable future ~~ we hope you’ll join us! Call Jack at 415.385.7208 for more information!