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Vince is Retiring!!  Say It Ain't So...

Yes, it's true, our beloved garbage guy Vince is retiring at the end of this week. He asked us to post this note:

To My Customers of Tam Valley,

I want to thank you. I am retiring at the end of the week of July 31st. I'm hangin' up the old garbage can! It has been a real treat to get to know you folks (you know who you are!). Lots of good memories, and of course, the children. That's the real treat. To see those smiling faces every week looking in amazement at the garbage trucks. Showing them how they operate, that's what I will really miss. Also, watching them grow up over the years, from toddlers to college. I also hope this message gets to families that have moved away, that they are still remembered. So until the virus thing blows over, we'll get together for a real "hoe down" another time.

Stay healthy and safe.

Best to all of you,