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Spring is the perfect time to prepare your home for this year's wildfire season while participating in the NFPA's (*) National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 1, 2021 to improve the fire protection and safety of your property. 

Southern Marin Fire District and Mill Valley Fire Department have been performing defensible inspections and based on more extreme fire incidents, they are asking residents to do more than in the past. Together, they want to work to protect your homes and keep our community safe.

Here are a few ways to protect your home:

1)     Cut Dry Grass and Brush - cut your dry grass and brush back 19 ft from roads, driveways, and your neighbors' property line, 30 ft from your home, and up to 150 ft if your home is affected by steep slopes.

2)     Trim Back Branches - remove branches that are smaller than three inches in diameter that are within 10 ft of the structure's roof or chimney.

3)     Clear Out Dead Debris - clean out any build-up of dead leaves or pine needles from gutters, decks, roofs, and exterior stairways. Maintain the clearing throughout wildfire season.

4)     Remove Dead Vegetation - remove all dead vegetation from the property, including leaves and tree droppings, grasses, bushes, shrubs, and trees. Please remove dead vegetation from within bushes, shrubs, and trees.

5)     Limb Up Trees - limb up trees by cutting low hanging branches 10ft from the ground and cutting branches from other trees and shrubs to create adequate spacing.

6)     Make Your Address Visible - ensure your address numbers are clearly visible from the road by using placards with contrasting bright colors and reflective fonts. To order a placard, please visit<>

To learn more about preparedness resources, visit the following url:
For more information about the National Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, see the following URL:

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(*) NFPA: National Fire Protection Association:

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Ways to Protect Your Home


Update RE: fire preparedness activities (including chipping). 

The latest FIRESafe MARIN newsletter includes: Information regarding development of Home Hardening rules in California; discussions between the insurance industry and the California Insurance Commissioner, and the Tue., Feb. 23 FIRESafe MARIN webinar (topic is the ember-resistant, first 5 feet zone around your home; a future requirement). 

Newsletter link: 

Webinar link:

Regarding chipper services in 2021, a brief update: 

At this time, there is no community-wide service scheduled. There are discussions taking place for a possible offering, however, no commitments yet made. Any significant updates will be posted. 

The previous offerings by TCSD were funded by a grant which has expired. 

In the meantime, if you organize at least three (3) households to do clearing work, SMFD does offer an 'on request' service. To find out more information, see the following on the SMFD website, including info on getting ready: