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Board of Directors

Steven Levine

Steve and his wife Gunilla Bjork, have lived in Tam Valley, near Eastwood Park, since 1992.  He raised 2 children here, both of whom attended our local public school system.

In addition to serving on the TCSD Board of Directors, Steve served on the District’s Park and Recreation Advisory Commission, is the Board liaison to SMCSD, and regularly volunteers at District events including Creekside Fridays, Oktoberfest, Earth Day, Murder Mystery, and Rhubarb Review among others.

Steve holds degrees in landscape architecture and environmental science from Syracuse University and the New York State College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Professionally, most notably with the Corporate Real Estate divisions of Wells Fargo and Bank of America, Steve has over 40 years experience in property and asset management, strategic planning, financial planning and control, design and construction, contract negotiation and administration, business resumption planning and energy management.

Steve treasures the community spirit that thrives in Tam Valley, the rural character of our valley, and the surrounding nature that we all enjoy. Steve pledges to work proactively and diligently in support of TCSD’s primary mission of protecting and enhancing a happy and healthy community in Tam Valley. He is a strong supporter of its first-class programs for refuse, composting, and recycling services, sanitary sewer collection and parks and recreation. Steve continues to focus his efforts on cost management, analyzing and enhancing the delivery of our services, and representing the residents’ best interests in the decisions he makes while serving on the TCSD Board.

Steve was initially elected to the Board in 2015.

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