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Tam Valley Speaker Series

JulJuly 24 2024

7:00pm - 9:00pm Tam Valley Community Center

203 Marin Ave, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Basics On Writing with Local Writer Michael Wisner

Whether you’re writing emails, letters, websites, diaries, Social Media posts, speeches, short stories, novels, poetry, or screenplays, all can be enhanced with the Basics on Writing. Attendees are welcome to bring writing samples to discuss. Michael will provide all attendees an extensive Reference Sheet of collected works on writing.

Michael Wisner is an author, screenplay writer. His early book, Living Healthy in a Toxic World was a best-selling environmental handbook. He started his professional writing career as an environmental speech writer for Tom Cruise. He wrote for Don Henley’s book; Heaven is Under Your Feet to save Walden Pond. He wrote and produced Earth Day for Disney. As head of Kirstie Alley’s production company, he oversaw the CBS movie Profoundly Normal. He has four major screenplays in development. Recently, he wrote with Alexandra Duparc, the screenplay for the upcoming movie, Monsanto, Directed by John Lee Hancock (Blindside). It is the true David v. Goliath story of a young attorney who took on Monsanto and its toxic pesticide, Round Up, starring Glenn Powell, Anthony Mackie, and Laura Dern (Variety 8 May 2024). He will talk on the basics of writing.

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