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Tam Valley Improvement Club

The Tamalpais Valley Improvement Club (TVIC) is a nonprofit public benefit organization, established in 1921. For almost one hundred years, TVIC has been the voice of the Tam Valley community, addressing issues such as: emergency preparedness, land use and flood control, marshland protection, open space, paths, public transportation, recreation, traffic and development.

Thanks to the activism of its members, the TVIC has played a major role in  preserving a quality of life here that is rarely found in such close proximity to a major city. It is no accident that this community retains its semi-rural character, with beautiful open spaces and naturally preserved Coyote Creek, and many species of wildlife co-habiting with us -- including endangered species. This prime real estate could have turned into just another suburb, but it didn't -- thanks to many years of vigilance by TVIC and Tam Valley neighbors.

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