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Author: cesposito@tamcsd.org

Flood Control Presentation

At the July 10th TCSD Board meeting, the Board received a presentation from Flood Control Zone 3 staff regarding upcoming projects and maintenance activities affecting Tam Valley. Click here for the pdf of the presentation.  

Community Survey

TCSD retained the firm FM3 to conduct a community-wide survey. The survey was conducted from April 22 to May 2, 2024. FM3 surveyed 263 residents based on the voter rolls in the District via telephone or on-line interviews. Below are FM3’s general findings from the survey. TCSD voters have a very positive view of the … Continued

Memorial for Long Time TVIC Volunteer – Bob DeWalt

Remembering Bob DeWalt Like most charismatic men, Bob DeWalt stood out, but not because he was particularly gregarious or good looking. The former U.S. Marine and lifelong Tam Valley resident could be gruff and looked like a man who had gone through some trials in life. What he had that was so alluring, according to … Continued

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