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Dog Rules

Rules for Off Leash Dogs

  • Your dog is your responsibility. You must carry a least at all times.
  • Please show consideration for other park users and ensure that your dog does not disrupt their enjoyment of the park.
  • Please keep an eye on your dog(s) at all times. Maintain voice control and don’t leave your dog unattended. No more than 3 dogs per human supervisor.
  • Please avoid conflicts with humans and other dogs. Dogs showing signs of aggression must leave immediately.
  • Be extra careful when children are present, as they may not be familiar with dog behavior. No dogs in the play structure area.
  • Please help keep our park clean and in good condition for all. Clean up after your dog and dispose of waste in trash. Do not allow your dog to dig or damage the lawn or planted areas.

Be Safe and Have Fun!

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