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Tam Valley Speaker Series

Tam Valley Parks and Recreation Commission announces the inaugual season of our speaker Series. Notable individuals from a variety of fields, including the arts and culture, environment, entertainment, and science will present with an Q and A at the end. Each session will feature an expert speaker who will share insights, experiences and expertise on a specific subject.

See the calendar below for upcoming events and information about how to save your seat!

Jun 9 2024

Tam Valley Speaker Series

4:00pm - 6:00pm The Cabin

Sausalito Houseboat Wars: What Really Happened? Join us for this fun talk with John Byrne Barry at the Cabin. John Byrne Barry is a writer, actor, director, longtime TCSD volunteer, and crossing guard (at Flamingo and Shoreline Highway). He is the author of four novels and three plays, including “Sausalypso Houseboat Wars Murder Mystery,” which...

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