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 The Marin Chipper Program is Back!

Posted on April 5, 2024

The Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority is happy to announce that the Chipper Program has returned for 2024. The program provides for the curbside pickup, chipping, and disposal of vegetation material from residential properties. This service is funded by Measure C for wildfire prevention and is available to all residents within Marin Wildfire’s joint powers service area.

During the 2023 season, the program completed over 4,400 pickups and removed over 14,200 cubic yards of vegetation from residential properties. 90% of participants rated their experience a 5 out of 5.

The 2024 program is returning with a similar schedule as last year, along with a few new features that will improve the participant experience. Below is a list of program updates for 2024.

What to know for 2024:

• In 2024, the program will start in early April and run through mid-November, resulting in six pickup opportunities for all residents within Marin Wildfire’s service area.
• This year the pickup window will be tighter. Residents must take note of whether their pickup event states if they have a Monday-Wednesday pickup or a Wednesday-Friday pickup.
• Like last year, reservations are always required to receive service.
Participants must abide by ALL program rules and regulations

To learn more about the program and make a pickup reservation, please visit chipperday.com/marin 

Please visit chipperday.com/marin to review program rules, regulations, and FAQs. Answer to most questions are on this webpage.

Still have a question? No problem! Visit chipperday.com/marin/contact and drop us a line.

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