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Waste Water frequently asked questions

When do I need to have a sewer service lateral inspection?


1. Home Additions and Improvements. Prior to the Issuance of a County building permit for a residential building addition or new improvements on the real property where said addition or improvements (or cumulative additions or improvements through multiple projects over the prior three years) have a value of $40,000 or greater.

a. District shall notify the Building and Planning Department of Marin County of this requirement so that Issuance of a building permit is conditioned upon meeting the requirements of a lteral inspection.

2. Transfer of Property Title. Where the sale of any real property with a lateral sewer is proposed, the Seller shall have the sewer lateral inspected and certified prior to the transfer of property title.

a. It shall be the responsibility of the Seller to coordinate an inspection of the sewer lateral upon listing the home for sale.

b. Should the Seller fail to have an inspection conducted on the property prior to the sale of the property, the District shall require the new Owner to conduct an inspection and make any necessary repairs to the lateral.

* If a notice to repair is issued, the owner has 90 days to make corrections. If the buyer takes on the responsibility of needed repairs, TCSD requires a signed document between both parties and the 90 days begins at close of escrow.

3. Whenever the District is replacing a sewer line, conducting repairs of a sewer main, or the County is doing road resurfacing. Owners will be notified by the District of any current work and need for an inspection report on their lateral prior to the road work or construction so that any remedial work to the lateral is completed prior to the construction or road work.

a. Where an Owner refused to provide an inspection, the District may conduct a televised inspection and the Owner shall be responsible for the costs of such inspection. Should an inspection reveal the need for repairs, the District may issue a Notice of Repair to the Owner and have the remedies provided for in Section 430 D of Ordinance 96 to ensure repairs are made and costs are paid.


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