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Board Members

Board Member


Jim Jacobs

Jim Jacobs has been a TCSD Director since October 2003 and has participated in the TVIC. He and his wife Olivia Jacobs have two boys, Ross and Elliott. They have lived in Tam Valley since 1989. Jim is a hydrogeologist and has co-authored four technical books and he has written over 100 articles on environmental issues. He is a four-time Fulbright Award Winner in Environmental Science. He served as President of TCSD in 2005 and 2006.

Since 2003, he has been TCSD's representative on the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin (SASM) where he has served as president or vice president over the past few years. He is focused on environmental stewardship, improving recycling activities and upgrading all TCSD facilities to meet the intent of inclusion with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Jim was re-elected in 2022 for a four year term.

He is on the TCSD Board to improve the TCSD services and parks and create a sense of community in Tam Valley.

Board Member


Steven Levine

Steve and his wife Gunilla Bjork, have lived in Tam Valley, near Eastwood Park, since 1992.  He raised 2 children here, both of whom attended our local public school system.

In addition to serving on the TCSD Board of Directors, Steve served on the District’s Park and Recreation Advisory Commission, is the Board liaison to SMCSD, and regularly volunteers at District events including Creekside Fridays, Oktoberfest, Earth Day, Murder Mystery, and Rhubarb Review among others.

Steve holds degrees in landscape architecture and environmental science from Syracuse University and the New York State College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Professionally, most notably with the Corporate Real Estate divisions of Wells Fargo and Bank of America, Steve has over 40 years experience in property and asset management, strategic planning, financial planning and control, design and construction, contract negotiation and administration, business resumption planning and energy management.

Steve treasures the community spirit that thrives in Tam Valley, the rural character of our valley, and the surrounding nature that we all enjoy. Steve pledges to work proactively and diligently in support of TCSD’s primary mission of protecting and enhancing a happy and healthy community in Tam Valley. He is a strong supporter of its first-class programs for refuse, composting, and recycling services, sanitary sewer collection and parks and recreation. Steve continues to focus his efforts on cost management, analyzing and enhancing the delivery of our services, and representing the residents' best interests in the decisions he makes while serving on the TCSD Board.

Steve was initially elected to the Board in 2015.

Board Director


Steffen Bartschat

Steffen Bartschat was elected to the TCSD Board in November 2003.  He served as Parks and Recreation Commissioner for two years prior to being elected to the Board.

Professionally, Steffen runs a management consulting business that helps global corporates improve their innovation strategies.   He is also an active startup mentor in Silicon Valley.

Steffen holds MS degree in Business Management along with a Certificate in Public Management from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He also holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a Certificate in Project Management from University of California – Santa Cruz.

On weekends, Steffen volunteers his time as Docent for the National Park Service, leading programs on the history and the wildlife of the Marin Headlands and Muir Woods.

On the TCSD Board, Steffen particularly enjoys the challenges of facilitating a diverse set of opinions on the TCSD Board, TCSD staff, and the public at large in order to make optimal decisions.  Overall he sees his role as providing oversight of the agency on behalf of the rate payers – thus he consistently encourages staff to produce the most innovative and cost effective solutions for the key challenges the agency is facing.

Steffen has lived in Tam Valley with his wife Lisa, three children, and two dogs since 1999.

Contact email: sbartschat@tamcsd.org

Board Member


Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown has been on the TCSD Board of Directors since 2010 and served as Board President from 2013 through 2016. He is a Tam Valley resident since 1998 (and married to a native of Mill Valley). Active in many aspects of Tam Valley life, you will see Jeff behind the scenes at most TCSD events. Jeff brings a vast amount of experience in event planning and facility management to the Board. He also served on the Park and Recreation Commission for several years and is well-known for the Halloween decorations at his home on Jean Street.

Jeff marvels at the amazing sense of community here in Tamalpais Valley. Whether enjoying a packed house at the Tam Valley Community Center or monitoring our ever-improving recycling efforts, Jeff takes great pride in the work of the TCSD. Jeff was re-elected in 2022 for a four year term.

Board Member


Matt McMahon

Matt joined the Board of Directors in 2015.  Matt currently serves as the Board Vice President.  In his term, Matt has also served as Board President and on various ad hoc committees focused on innovation and improving long term finance, stability and operations of the district's three operational areas:  sanitation, solid waste and parks and recreation.  Prior to joining the Board in 2015, Matt served on the Parks & Recreation Commission from 2013-2014.

Matt has lived in Tam Valley with his family since 2002. In his spare time, you can find him enjoying family time, exploring outdoors, coaching youth sports, and volunteering at Tam Valley events.

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