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Additional Services

TCSD is happy to offer the following additional services to it's residents: 

  • Extra cart: TCSD is happy to pick up extra garbage, compost or recycling. Please call us the day before your regular pickup. A fee of $7.50 will be charged for each extra 35 gallon cart or bag and $15 for each extra 65 gallon cart.
  • Late put-out: A fee of $15 will be charged for a return trip to pick up a cart that was put out late.
  • Debris bin: Have more garbage than your brown cart will hold? TCSD offers debris bins for rent, find out more here
  • Large items: Need to dispose of a large item? Call our office to schedule a special pickup.  You will receive a quote from our solid waste crew and pickup is usually available same day.
Picture of bundled cardboard
  • Extra cardboard: TCSD provides dumpsters for cardboard only outside the yard gate in the Tam Valley Community Center parking lot. Boxes must be broken down, but they don't need to be bound, or TCSD will pick up extra cardboard at no charge. All cardboard boxes must be broken down, flattened, bound in 2 foot by 2 foot bundles with tape or twine, and placed next to your recycling cart on your pickup day. Loose cardboard will not be picked up.

Holiday pickups:  Our solid waste crew work Tuesday through Friday and work through most holidays. Place your carts out on your regular pickup day.