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Sorting Guides

Curious about what is recyclable or compostable?

It can be a hard task deciding which cart to use when disposing of items. Our everyday decision can either send the item to the right recycling center or contaminate the whole recycling stream and seal its fate in the landfill. With the ever-changing dynamics of the recycling industry and changing policies at the state, local and international levels, we’re here to help make recycling and organics recycling easier for you!


Paper, Plastic & Glass Bottles, Metal & Cans

No scrap metal, cookware metals, wax lined or plastic coated boxes, plated or cups, no food containers or take out boxes, no pet waste or disposable diapers, no plate glass or Pyrex.


Plants (3" max in diameter), Soiled Paper, Food Scraps (including meat/bones)

Compost Sticker


Trash will be greatly reduced by composting and recycling.

Items OK to put in trash


No paint or Hazardous Waste, no fluorescent bulbs or batteries, no food scraps/compost, no recyclables, no construction materials.

Items not to put in trash
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