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Collection Services & Rates

Starting Service

Call our office to start service at your property (residential or commercial). You will be asked to confirm that you have three carts, 1 brown/black (garbage), 1 green (organics) and 1 gray/blue (recycling).

For more information on the carts and the pick up days, please see our Collection Carts page.

Stopping Service

If you are moving out, leave the carts at the property and call our office at 415-388-6393 to stop service.


TCSD bills for Solid Waste Collection service through the owner's property taxes; we do not send monthly bills. Charges will appear on the tax bill as "Refuse Service Charges". At the time of sale of property, the billing will roll over to the new owner through escrow.

Current Rates. 2023-24



Small Cart Service Residential (35-Gal) $938.77/yr $78.23/mo
Large Cart Service Residential (1 65-Gal or 2 35-Gal) $1,417.37/yr $118.11/mo
1 Large & 1 Small Cart Service Residential (1 65-Gal & 1 35-Gal) $1923.03/yr $160.25/mo
Two Large Cart Service Residential (2 65-Gal) $2,407.04/yr $200.59/mo
Additional 65-Gallon Carts (3+) $1,443.36/yr $120.28/mo
1.44 Cubic Yard Bin $6,219.53/yr $518.29/mo
**Hill Surcharge $38.98/yr $3.25/mo
**Private Driveway $90.94/yr $7.58/mo

*Service charges for commercial and large apartment buildings requiring multiple collections per week are based on the maximum service charges for solid waste carts and bins as shown above, times the number of solid waste carts and bins serviced, times the number of collections per week.  For commercial bin pickup more than once per week and/or pickup of more than one bin per location, the charges shall be calculated using the following factors: 2 pickups or 2 bins per week: 1.8 x the weekly charge; 3 pickups or 3 bins per week: 2.3 x the weekly charge; 4 pickups or 4 bins per week: 2.8 x the weekly charge; 5 pickups or 5 bins per week: 3.3 x the weekly charge.

**Because of the locations of their properties, certain customers are subject to hill and private driveway surcharges or both.  The surcharges will be added to the base charge for applicable customers. For example, in fiscal year 2023-24, a small cart customer subject to a hill charge will see an annual charge of $938.77 + $38.98 = $977.75, a small cart customer subject to the private driveway charge will see an annual charge of $938.77 + $90.94 = $1,029.71, and a small cart customer subject to both the hill and private driveway surcharge will see an annual charge of $938.77 + $38.98 + $90.94 = $1,068.69

Holiday Pickups

Our solid waste crew work Tuesday through Friday and work through most holidays. Place your carts out on your regular pickup day.
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